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Heroin detox and treatment

There are many options to detoxing from heroin, all ranging in their effectiveness and longevity. If you want to stay clean off of heroin, you must start with a full detox.

If you are considering a detox from heroin, it is important to reach out to family and friends and tell them what you are considering. Whether they can help financially or just through moral support, it is important that people know where you are and that you are getting help.

Heroin detox alone is ineffective. For best results, a stay at a residential heroin inpatient treatment program is important. For most heroin addicts, the longer the stay, the better, as the mind is often just as affected as the body.
Lack of financial assistance from family, friends or a church should deter you. There are resources available for those who truly want help and are willing to put in the effort.

The toll-free number at the top right of this screen can be an excellent way to find heroin treatment programs. Regardless of your financial capability to pay for care, there are options to help you find sustained recovery from heroin addiction.

Heroin detox options

There are 6 options for heroin detox

Heroin detox “cold-turkey”

Least preferred, lowest rate of success

Stop using dope without assistance


Withdrawal will be short, cost effective


Morbid thoughts can accompany this approach

Heroin detox with prescription medication

Some experts cite a significant reduction in the rates of relapse

Use a medication like Suboxone or Methadone to get off heroin


Under professional guidance


Without medical supervision you can become addicted to the maintenance medication

Heroin detox “warm-turkey”

Minimally successful

Using lesser drugs like Xanax or other opiates to taper off heroin


Lessen withdrawal symptoms


Most addicts end up addicted to both substances

Heroin detox at an inpatient medical facility

Typically the second most successful method

An inpatient medical/detox facility or treatment center will usually provide a short taper on Suboxone, usually 5-7 days. There may be additional medications prescribed to assist with sleep, like Trazodone, or anxiety and blood pressure, like Clonidine.


Medical supervision, no temptation from the outside world


Can be costly

Heroin detox with over-the-counter medication

Works for some

Use a cocktail of over-the-counter meds like ibuprophen, anti-diarrhea medication, sleep aids like melatonin, antihistamines and cough syrup.


Not putting more addictive substances in your body


Will have sleepless nights and leg aches

Heroin detox at a residential addiction treatment center

Typically the most successful approach

The heroin addict will be detoxed in a safe, controlled environment and receive treatment. This is my favorite approach because it combines the best of both worlds.


Will learn from those who have been through similar experiences, get a full spectrum of care


Can be costly

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